WATCH: Association of Police and Court Interpreters on why they support Save UK Justice

“It is now accepted that you will not get a fair trial in this country”

Geoffrey Buckingham, Chairman of the APCI, talks about legal aid cuts, changes to the interpreting service and about the future of the UK justice system.




Interview: the reality of legal aid and domestic violence

Mandip Ghai and Ruth Tweedale at women’s advocacy charity Rights of Women talk about what legal aid cuts have meant for victims of domestic violence. You can find a full list of permissible evidence here or visit their website for their recent report on the subject.



Legal Aid Watch interviews: Alan Williams, solicitor advocate, on lawyers’ fees and the dangers of self-representation

Alan Williams, solicitor advocate at criminal law firm Hayes Law, spoke out against legal aid “myths” in an interview with Tom Belger at a recent protest


  • Fee cuts – “You wouldn’t go to a hospital consultant and say you’ve got to take a 30 per cent hit in one.”
  • Criminal v commercial law – “Criminal legal aid is not as lucrative, but it’s the most exciting and entertaining to do – as long as we’re paid a living wage.”
  • Self-representation –  “We can do a pre-trial hearing in ten minutes, whereas someone litigating in person will spend an hour missing the point.”


Watch: Law Centres under pressure from legal aid cuts


Cuts to the government’s legal aid budget have recently sparked several landmark protests by barristers. But those who use free legal advice centres because they can’t afford a lawyer are also finding the cuts tough. Justin Cash and Rachel Schraer report.


Watch the action from the Grayling Day protest!


Highlights from the protest on March 7, 2014, featuring interviews with Camilla Graham Wood and Russell Fraser from Justice Alliance.

Camilla warned of the implications of legal aid cuts and government accountability: “In a democratic society, we should be able to hold these organisations to account and legal aid is a key way that people have been able to do that”.

Russell spoke of the potential miscarriages of justice that could arise: “We should as a society want to be confident when someone is sent to prison that they’re actually guilty”.

VIDEO: The Protest Continues – Richard Bentwood explains “no returns”


“We are being shown no good will and will show no good will in return”, stated Nigel Lithman QC at the Grayling Day protests on Friday.

Richard Bentwood, Assistant Secretary at the Criminal Bar Association states that the real protest begins this week, when barristers undertake a policy of “no returns”.

He explains what action they are taking and how it will disrupt countless cases over the coming weeks.

Richard Moran

Will you be refusing to take returns? What impact do you think this will have on the courts in your area? Get in touch with @Legal_Aid_Watch and let us know your views.